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Do you ever feel like a walking contradiction? Does one part of you want to go one way but another part wants to go the other?

Everyone has parts of ourselves that we don't like or we wish would change. I help people befriend contradicting parts so they can feel aligned and whole. Together, we’ll transform your relationship with your inner world. Parts that hold judgment, anxiety, shame, or resentment can finally feel authentic, confident, and joyful.

I don't believe there is anything "wrong with you", so we will skip diagnoses and labels. Instead, we will discover the good intentions of challenging behaviors or patterns and heal any painful misalignments that keep you stuck.

I help people that know they have more to offer the world - even when they’ve tried everything to push past some inner barrier.






You Deserve to Love Yourself

You *CAN* find calm, confidence, and feel secure- even in the most uncertain times. 

People often say "I should" or "only part of me believes that". Needs and perspectives that contradict each other will pull us in different directions and can look like self-sabotage. 

Typical counseling, like CBT or psychoanalysis, tries to regulate or eliminate parts of who you are. I take an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT approach. I don't diagnose, label behaviors or thoughts as "bad", or treat you as if you have a disorder. 

Instead of digging for what is wrong, we will explore your whole system with curiosity and compassion so that you can HEAL instead of control. 

I use Internal Family Systems and align body, mind, brain, and essence (spirit) so you won't have to manage positivity or hide your genuine Self.

I help overthinkers, creatives, neurodivergent adults, and career changers heal from shame spirals that prevent authentic confidence and hold them back from fulfilling their dreams.