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  • Emotions around work and creativity 
  • Confidence, inner critic, perfectionism, motivation, procrastination
  • Anxiety, shame, vulnerability, and brave spaces
  • Masking, belonging, human connection
  • Unconscious relationships with money
  • Resentment, anger, bitterness, and distrust 
  • Family estrangement, boundaries, codependency, addiction, adult children, narcissistic behavior
  • The fallacy of positive thinking, genuine self-care

Late-diagnosed Neurodivergence

Identity, self-doubt, and shame spirals are the hallmark of our lives. ADHD experiences can lead to low self-trust. Formative years with undiagnosed autistic experiences can lead to a belief we are unloveable. 

With a dual diagnosis, called "Twice Gifted", it is common to shift between feeling like you're "too much" only to over-reliance on routine and willpower. Our efforts to connect with others and "be normal" can be the very things leaving the neurotypical people in our lives to understand us even less.

Especially in women, neurodiversity can be misunderstood, judged, and detrimentally hidden away.

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Relationship With Money

Our "money story" is more than dollars in the bank - it shapes our unconscious decision-making process! 

Our identity, sense of safety in the world, and confidence about what is possible are all highly influenced by fears and dreams about success, money, and our self-worth.

Our "money story" is more than dollars in the bank - it shapes our unconscious decision-making process! 

Climate Anxiety and Grief 

The existential experience of coping with climate change is very different than the grief or anxiety typically seen in a therapists office. In fact, a cognitive therapy approach from someone with low climate literacy can actually be harmful.  Common modalities, like CBT, are designed to challenge the "truth" of thoughts and beliefs. But climate change IS real.

Toni spent 6 years working with NOAA, NWS, NCAR, emergency service groups, and natural disaster social scientists. As an Associate Scientist at the NSIDC lab of the University of Colorado Boulder, Toni helped international Arctic scientists expand the reach of critical data from their work.

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