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Name: M.P.

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“It’s a mindset! Six months ago, I would not have the confidence to even accept a leadership role. I was just anxious and I wouldn’t have thought I could do that.”

“Every team that I've worked with, there have been challenges. People are not on the same page. And so figuring out how to get on the same page was super helpful.”

“When I was interviewing the woman that is now my boss, she was just like, "Dang, you know a lot of the UX jargon!" In my head, I was like, "Yes!!" and she said, "you've only done this for a few months? How do you know all these terms?" It was all the Agile terms that I learned here! It's definitely a lot of learning in a short period of time.”

“It still doesn't feel real, but I'm so grateful! A full time job, Holy cow! Like doesn't, I don't know, I feel like when you're looking for a job, it just always feels like a little bit unattainable to get like a full time thing. And to be honest, I haven't been searching for a long time, so like I'm glad I did this.”

Name: Kellie Trusdale

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I love this relationship focus approach. You are bringing deeper relationships that other programs I checked out just places don't. And these are the people that are my supportive network! I know them better, and me, than I ever would.

Name: Nicole Nix

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We worked on career stuff, but you can see how I can apply it to other parts of my life. I’m pleasantly surprised by how these things that we're learning in the course can help you throughout your entire life. My favorite was learning how to sell yourself - it's an essential skill for life! And learning how to negotiate better pay too. 

Name: EK

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I loved working with you! Who you are as a human, how you think, how you approach work, how you have energy toward, and how you're able to motivate and get other people engaged. I’d say it’s just your nature, or you're predisposed to be successful, but you’ve shown me that leadership is a skill anyone can learn.



I have to share! I got a job and I’m so excited!! I'm so nervous!!! It starts on the 27th.

THANK YOU for being a goddess of job hunting, wealth, knowledge and resources. You've been so helpful to me in terms of navigating everything. I just remember staring at all my notes remembering I went over this with you and practiced that.


I GOT AN OFFER!! I get to tackle weird, juicy problems and get paid! I sat in on a [local] job market panel discussing salary bands of the area… and i got way above what they said!


I’m really looking forward to starting the program. As a freelancer new to this field, I experience a lot of self doubt and worry “is this really right?” Like we talked about, I've had some highs and lows. I don’t want to be the same as everyone and yet I'm comparing myself to all the people, even the ones with many years of experience. I'm creating a lot of obstacles for myself, and I know that I'm doing it. It's just tough to ignore them. I’m glad I found you because I’m ready for more of the times that feel good!

Companies don't hire, what they don't understand. And definitely won't hire without a sense of trust my impact and identity program will support you and instigate growth by building your personal foundation of rock solid, authentic clarity that you feel throughout your entire body, diving deep into the human trust formula and healing whatever is holding you back from building quick trust with almost anyone. Hello networking events that potential companies bosses and teammates, so you can confidently Be yourself and know you'll be appreciated for the authentic you. Maximizing the salary of whatever company makes you happy, and ensuring they're happy. This incredibly deep and powerful work has an added bonus, because we work with small groups, you will be building a deep peer mentoring support team. It is common for group members to not only stay in touch, but to fly to meet in person and eagerly recommend each other every chance they get.

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