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I am a late-diagnosed AuDHD, overthinking, gender non-conforming, creative intellectual with years of IFS training, teaching, and practice.

I used to say I felt like "a walking contradiction" because I could be fully committed to a dream, but burn out or feel out of place in a matter of weeks. After an alphabet soup of diagnoses like PMDD and cPTSD, it became clear to me that typical "positive thinking" or relaxation tools were just temporary, band-aid solutions that did not lead to true healing. 

I wanted to feel authentic and be consistent with the white-knuckle effort of sheer willpower holding my life together.

Clients tell me my unique perspectives are a gift. So, let's stop hiding, together.

What to expect here:

  • Silly. Intellectual. Inclusive
  • Dad jokes about therapy, emotions, and coaching- Info dumping about Internal Family Systems (IFS) and "parts work" teaching IFS with nuance you won't find elsewhere

toni rosati

We'll talk about:

  • Emotions around work and creativity 
  • Confidence, pride, inner critic, perfectionism, the fallacy of positive thinking, genuine self-care
  • Anxiety, shame, vulnerability, and brave spaces
  • Masking, belonging, human connection
  • Unconscious relationships with money
  • Resentment, anger, bitterness, and distrust 
  • Family estrangement, boundaries, expectations, codependency, addiction, adult children, narcissistic behavior, manipulation, the drama triangle

Multiple Level2 trained, PA for many Level 1&2 with the Institute. Masters degree & researcher. I'm late-diagnosed AuDHD, queer coach since 2017. 

toni rosati

Toni's Unique Offerings

Late-diagnosed neurodivergence

Identity, self-doubt, and shame spirals are the hallmark of our lives. ADHD experiences can lead to low self-trust and undiagnosed autistic experiences can lead to a belief we are unloveable. 

With a dual diagnosis, called "Twice Gifted", it is common to shift between too much routine and too much spontaneity leaving the neurotypical people in our lives to understand us even less.

Check out our podcast - Confessions from the MESSY MIDDLE

Emotions & Money

Our "money story" is more than dollars in the bank - it shapes our unconscious decision-making process! 

Our identity, sense of safety in the world, and confidence about what is possible are all highly influenced by fears and dreams about success, money, and our self-worth.

Anyone who gets that "relationship with money" is deeply important. Our "money story" is more than dollars in the bank - it shapes our unconscious decision-making process! Our identity, sense of safety in the world, and confidence about what is possible are all highly influenced by fears and dreams about success, money, and our self-worth.


Life’s full of WTF Moments

"WTF!" is often an expression of surprise, disbelief, or even shock. It's an acronym for "What The F***!" and is commonly used to convey a strong reaction to something unexpected, unusual, or outrageous. The feeling associated with "WTF!" can range from confusion and bewilderment to amusement or frustration, depending on the context.

In the context of emotional healing or personal growth, "WTF!" can also be a playful and lighthearted way to acknowledge the moments of realization, self-discovery, or breakthroughs that might evoke a similar sense of surprise or astonishment. It's a way to embrace the unexpected twists and turns of life, finding humor and resilience in navigating through challenges.

So, when it comes to emotional healing and growth, experiencing a "WTF!" moment might signify a moment of profound insight, a shift in perspective, or a realization that brings a mix of emotions – perhaps surprise, relief, or even joy. It's a reminder that the journey toward understanding oneself can be filled with unexpected, transformative moments that contribute to personal development and well-being.

Tech, software, and user experience

Toni took her research skills from climate science and academia to start-ups and e-commerce as a UX researcher. Having a coach that understands what your career as a software developer, designer, or data scientist is like makes a huge difference in the healing process - especially when it comes to topics like imposter syndrome, bias, workplace relationships, productivity, salary negotiation, and creativity.

Public speaking

I used to cringe when I saw myself on video. My mind used to go completely blank when I spoke up in groups or on stage.


Climate Anxiety and Grief 

The existential experience of grasping and coping with climate change is very different than the grief or anxiety typically seen in a therapists office. Psychotherapy methods like CBT can actually be harmful in this situation because they are designed to challenge the truth of thoughts and beliefs. But climate change IS real, so at best CBT is not helpful, but more likely it is a gaslighting experience.

Toni spent 6 years working with NOAA, NWS, NCAR, emergency service groups, and natural disaster social scientists. As an Associate Scientist at the NSIDC lab of the University of Colorado Boulder, Toni helped international Arctic scientists expand the reach of critical data from their work.

Toni was employed at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, National Oceanic Atmospheric Association (NOAA), and the University of Boulder's Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences - National Snow and Ice Data Center.

Credentialed mental health coach in business since 2017. I help neurodivergent adults, business owners, creatives, and career changers heal from shame spirals that prevent authentic confidence.

People often say "I should" or "a part of me feels". We'll explore the various sides of you that seem to contradict each other using holistic psychotherapy called Internal Family Systems (IFS).

If you've done counseling, you've likely experienced cognitive or CBT work. IFS goes much deeper than thoughts so you won't have to manage positivity or hide your genuine Self.

  • Anxiety
  • Shame
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Boundaries
  • Motivation
  • Procrastination
  • Loneliness

ADHD, Autistic, ASD, AuDHD, neurospicy, LGBTQIA+ and Queer affirming, RSD,


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