How many sessions should I have in order to feel better?
I recommend most of my clients plan to commit to 4 months of coaching.

Most people like the sustained pace of weekly sessions. Some prefer to meet every other week to supplement other Self work they are already doing.
Are you licensed? What states/countries are you able to work in?I am an Associate Mental Health Professional (Vermont) and an Accredited Coach from the International Coaching Federation. I also teach through the Internal Family Systems Institute for Level 1 and Level 2 official trainings.

I am able to coach individuals and groups throughout the world.
How is IFS different from CBT and other typical therapy?Therapist makes diagnosis, treatment plan, manages symptoms, reports to insurance, bound by rules of your insurance, gives official diagnosis to your insurance record that may be used throughout your providers and through your life.

Therapist will not have shared life experience as you. They have dedicated their bachelors through grad school through years of internship to meeting 1:1. They have families, but they have not had a work-life with challenges like yours. Many if not almost all of their friends are also therapists, so their support system is different from your non-clinically trained friends.

What does IFS feel like?
Even though we won't use drugs, some people say the experience is rather psychedelic! It is common to have emotional releases like crying (some people feel like screaming too). Most people close their eyes in the process, though some gaze to the side or fidget with an object. This is all extremely normal!

People tend to LIGHTER at the end of a session. Some feel disoriented for a moment or two. It is normal to sleep very deeply the night after a session. You may even have vivid or informative dreams. I also suggest trying to make some time to journal or reflect in some way in between our sessions.

What is your typical process for working with clients?
We will always meet virtually online - likely over Zoom. We won't be doing regular talk therapy. You can share as much or as little of your history or context as you like.

I use Internal Family Systems which is a mindfulness-based psychotherapy model. Some people call it "parts work" because we will often talk about how one part of you feels one way and another part believes something different. 

We will tune into each aspect of you by using body sensations (somatics) and right-brain attunement techniques. Each step of the way, we will check in for any worry or anxiety so that we don't push past important ways that have kept you safe in the past.
We go slow at first because it builds a foundation for incredibly deep work to happen very quickly later. 
Which insurances do you take?

I'm not currently taking health insurance. However, I have had some clients use their HSA card successfully.

How do I know if chronic shame is what is holding me back?
How does IFS help me "be my own therapist"?

What if I can't find or don't even have a Self? I've never been able to meditate.
We all have a core Self. In IFS, the term "Self" is used when you experience compassion, curiosity, clarity, or care.

What if I have a formal diagnosis like Depression, Addiction, or cPTSD from assault? Should I see a specialist/therapist instead?
Since IFS is a non-pathologizing method, I do not use "treatment plans" with my clients. 
What are cancellation policies?

24 hours notice for a full refund.
Why is your company “Work That Fulfills”?

My business name, Work That Fulfills, means a lot to me for several reasons.
1. I believe the effort you put into knowing and loving all of who you are is the most important activity we will ever do.
2. "The only way out is through." When we turn toward instead of work around, life gets easier.
3. We spend more than a THIRD of our life doing work, so it should be meaningful and fulfilling.
4. The initials of the business name give you a TON of information about my humor and who I am. ;)
Fulfilling work is: Challenging, you feel Good at it, People appreciate the work/product, And I'm paid well and recognized.
The opposite is often described as: Dead-end, Soul sucking, Pointless, Busy work, Paper pusher

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