My Job was Killing Me




I loved my job…part of it anyway.

I was struggling with the rest of it. It felt like endless tasks of shit I didn't care about, wasn't good at, and dreaded diving into.

So I procrastinated. 

And pissed everyone off. 😓

The worst part was all the guilt and shame I piled on. My mind was wicked mean!

You’re lazy

You're pathetic

What the hell is wrong with you!

My inner bully was trying to motivate me.

(Bitch, get a clue!)

The truth was that I was forcing myself into a laundry list of tasks because I thought they were required in order to succeed.

Hot damn was I wrong!!

Once I worked out what I could let go of, my whole world changed!

The result? My task list was energizing! 

I felt good about myself, about who I was, and about how I was impacting the world!

But the best part was how it changed my personal life. ❤

Without being sad and tired and resentful every dang minute, I was free to get back to the present.

Before this work overhaul, my boyfriend and I had gone to Vegas. We got a fancy, in-suite hot tub with a view... yet all I could think about was what I "should be doing instead".


After? Hmmm….let's just say we didn't need a view to get in the mood 🤪🙃😚

This first career pivot was 16 years ago. I'm in a different industry and with an amazing (but different) partner now. But the positive effects of that overhaul are still with me.

Without figuring out my work stress, I wouldn't have been whole enough to even begin the wow-I-cant-think-of-words-big-enough-to-describe-how-life-giving relationship I'm in now.

What is your career doing to YOUR heart and mind? Then ask yourself what your work is doing to the rest of your life.

When you are ready for big changes, my coaching program can get you there. 

DM me. Your bliss is waiting.

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